Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July

"me and baby charlie are having a sitting party"
Can't catch me!
Waiting for the fireworks with Kate
Sweet Charlie

Interview with Maggie

Enjoy this interview with Maggie!

Whats your name: Maggie Baby Crowe
How old are you? 2
Whats your brothers name: Patrick
What is your favorite food? potatoes and corn and broccolis
What is your favorite color: orange and purple
What is your favorite movie? Toy Story
What is your doll's name? Lisa and then, I don't know what the other one name
Where are we going on vacation? Grandma's house!
What is your favorite thing to play? extra toys
What is your favorite dessert? cake
What do you like to do at the pool? jump in just like that
What color are your eyes? I not know
What is your favorite thing in the whole world? bracelets and necklace
Who loves you the most? Daddy and Mommy!

She was a little confused about her brothers name but at lease she got part of it! Have a great week!!