Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tinkerbell Party

Sparkly Pretzel Wands
Setting up the food table
SOO excited for thier party!
Hooray for March Birthday Girls!
Fairy Wand Craft Table

Fairy Crrowns
I LOVE cupcakes!
*Mom made the cute napkins and table runners!!


I forgot to bring the camera to the St Patricks Day Parade in Old Town so I have way fewer pictures from the weekend than I want :(. However, we were able to get a few! Aunt Erin, Bridget and Simon were all here to celebrate Maggie's birthday on Saturday. We had a pizza party and ice cream cake, requested by the birthday girl. A very fun weekend with the fam!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Maggie!!

Interview with Maggie on her 3rd birthday!

What is your name: Maggie!!
How old are you: holds up three fingers
Favorite color: pink and purple
Favorite food: salmon
Favorite toy: scooter
Favorite show: Little Bear
Favorite kind if ice cream: cherry
Favorite thing to wear: dress up clothes
Favorite snack: fruit snacks
What is your brothers name: Char-luls
Favorite place to go: the pool park

Trying out her new scooter and helmet

Lunch with Daddy on her birthday

Yes, she chose to wear this small summer dress for her birthday dinner!! Silly girl!

In like a Lion?

March seems to be creeping in quietly and I am all for it!! Last weekend we took advantage of the nice weather and went downtown to visit the Air and Space Museum and run around the mall. Maggie also had a blast with her good buddy Ellie and they entertained us with thier silliness while Beth and Andrew got a date night! Cute in thier matching pjs huh? Maggie also modeled some of her birthday gifts from my Mom. Sweet little red riding hood cape and "Sound of Music" dress!

my sweetle beetle
little red in outer space!

on the mall
here comes trouble!