Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines and Stuff

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!! While I didn't get to spend much of it with my main Valentine, I was able to enjoy a beautiful day with my two little sweeties and some good friends. The weather was beyond nice and we got some great time in outside. Maggie had fun at her Valentines party and exchanged some treats with neighbors too. We had heart shaped waffles and pink milkshakes for dinner and watched a movie together while waiting for Rob to get home from a loooong day at the office.

Here's the part about other stuff. I have to recommend a great book that I have recently finished for book club. Nurture Shock was a great read and a fascinating look at parenting. I especially loved the chapter on teaching self control. It is less of a parenting manual and more "these are the things we thought we were doing right but actually might not be that great". Fascinating!! Pick it up if you have a chance!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Is this the winter of being sick? It sure feels like that at our house!! I think I have spent more time at the hospital on post than I have with Rob. After a great visit with Bridget a few weeks ago I came down with a nasty virus and probably passed it to both of the kids. Charlie has had a super high fever resulting from an ear infection but is feeling much better after his first 24 hours of antibiotics!! I am feeling hopeful that the month of February is going to be a much healthier one.

What else is new? Maggie is enjoying her classes (gymnastics and zoom around the room) and is already asking to take ice skating next session. I have a feeling that soccer would be more fun.

Charlie had his 9 month well baby check and is still on the small side. The Doctors were a little concerned about his weight (3%) but are hoping that it is because of all of the crawling he has been doing. We are on a high calorie diet and I have been adding whipping cream and coconut oil to everything I can. He is a very active guy and surprising fast as he crawls around the house looking for trouble. He is pulling up to standing (though has trouble getting back down) and making lots of new sounds (mama and dada).

The other night in the tub they had a fantastic time playing a new game. Charlie would say "dada" and splash the water and Maggie would do the same which would send him into the cutest giggling fit I have ever seen. The bathroom was soaked after a few minutes of play but the entire family was cracking up! It seems like his first year has flown by and its hard to believe he will be one in just 2 months!! Even crazier? One month from tomorrow Maggie will be 3!

Here is a recent picture of my two sick kiddos :(