Monday, December 19, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Two weeks ago we went out to Laingsburg to cut down our first ever real Christmas tree.  After years of using our artificial tree, I finally convinced Rob to get a real one.  We stopped at Tom and Becky's house before heading next door and had a very special visit with the family.  Maggie drank hot cocoa with Becky and demonstrated her Irish dancing skills for Tom.   The kids loved seeing the animals and riding in the big tractor pulled wagon to find our tree.  Maggie even helped Rob cut it down.  I am so excited to begin family traditions that will continue as we celebrate Christmas in Michigan for years to come. 
Merry Christmas everyone!!

 Checking out the animals at Peacock Road Tree Farm
 Riding in the wagon to pick out our tree
 We found it!
 Rob handled the saw and Maggie helped tip it over :)
 Brrr! It was pretty windy and started to rain
 Decorating our first real Christmas tree ever!!
Merry Christmas

Friday, December 9, 2011

First Snow

See Charlie? Isn't this fun?
 Its not so bad Maggie, and the snow is great for eating!
 Here Charlie, let me help you with your mittens!! OK, time to go inside!

 Sun peeking over the trees
 Lucy LOVES the snow
 and I LOVE our backyard on snow days! So much room to run around!
Winter has arrived! We got our first snow right after Thanksgiving and it was a wonderful 8-10 inches.  The kids were so excited but Charlie only made it outside for about 10 minutes before he ripped off his mittens and decided he'd had enough.  That was, of course, after 30 minutes of getting them bundled up.  We got a little more snow this morning and I am remembering how slippery it can be, especially in our neighborhood.  Maybe we will be sick of it by next month, but for right now I am really loving our first winter back home. 


Playing in the backyard before the feast
 The Thanksgiving group (Claire took the picture)
 Tech tots
 Curly girlie
 Charlie pretending to skateboard.  Not really, but it looks like it right?