Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter

Its April in Michigan and its snowing. Lucky for us, Easter was Sunday :) This year was the first time EVER that Rob and I spent Easter together in Michigan. Crazy right?? We spent Saturday and Sunday in West Michigan and got to enjoy lots of sunshine. The kids got to play in the sand in Grand Haven, get ice cream and enjoy the "hot pool" at Nana and Papas. Maggie and I spent some special time together in church on Sunday before a super fun Easter egg hunt. There is something about babies in sweet spring clothes and new green grass that makes me want to jump for joy. Although the sugar buzz wore off around 6pm and they both cried for 2 hours straight, I'd call the weekend a success :)
 Checking for Easter eggs
 Get these kids some sunglasses!
 Found one!
 Is there CANDY in here?
 Yes Mam, I believe there is

Easter group photo