Monday, April 27, 2009

Watch Maggie Walk!

Still working on fixing the video-sorry for the holdup but I will have it up again tomorrow!!


Weekly Update: Its HOT! All of a sudden spring just disappeared and it is 96 degrees. It is supposed to cool off this week but we've had our first taste of summer in Virginia.

In other news I spent the morning painting Maggie's room a nice bubblegum pink-LOVE IT! Since I couldn't really make her room super girly before she was born I am taking full advantage now. We also finished up some work in the backyard (or brick patio to be more precise) and it looks a lot better.

I tried to upload a video of Maggie walking but was not successful. I will keep trying though-she is so cute toddling around the house. Hope you are all keeping cool and having a great week!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Did anyone else enjoy the absolutely BEAUTIFUL weekend?? Saturday was probably the best day we've had yet! Aunt Erin came down from Philly to see us and we had a great time with her. We had a relaxed dinner on Friday and stayed up way too late watching true crime shows (one of Rob's favorites). On Saturday we spent the day in Williamsburg with our old neighbors from Germany celebrating their 2 year old son's birthday. We had a great time and as always, Maggie loved her time with Jack and Henry.

We also experienced our first real taste of East Coast traffic on our way home...yuck! We did see this sign along Route 1 though which kept us laughing till we got home.

On Sunday we had lunch in old town Alexandria and walked along the riverfront. A great ending to a super fun weekend!!

In other news...Congratulations to Haven and Alex on the birth of their son Isaac! We are so excited for your family!!

The Week in Photos

Cake Class

As previously promised here are some photos of the first 2 cakes from my cake decorating class. Before you say anything, I realize the rose/clown cake is weird and scary. We were supposed to make a kids clown cake (perhaps just as scary) but our teacher made us put the roses and the clowns together on the cake. She also suggested the clowns striped pajamas. Maybe this weeks will turn out better??

Monday, April 13, 2009

Beach Baby

Since Rob is going to be so busy this summer we decided to take a family trip to the beach last weekend. We picked Carolina Beach, NC, home of the Judge Family Reunion as it was familiar and about as far as we could drive south in one day without too much stress! We left on Friday and were making a great go of it until we decided to follow the a. faulty Google Map directions and then b. the HORRIBLE free atlas we got from Bridget. Rob usually does pretty well with directions but we had a couple of things working against us. We arrived eventually after some scenic North Carolina roads and a nasty hazing when we stopped for gas (don't wear an MSU shirt if you ever go to Greenville!)

(do not use this map!!!)

We had a nice little condo on the beach with an indoor pool for Miss Maggie. She totally freaked out when we tried to set her down in the sand and kept lifting her feet up and trying to brush it off. It was actually hilarious! Once she realized how much fun could be had, she was all for it. She loved digging with her shovel and bucket and playing in the waves with Daddy.

Wiping the sand off her hands-she wanted nothing to do with it!
Finally playing in the sand with Daddy

On Easter we spent the morning at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher and the afternoon on the beach. A very relaxing weekend in all with some great weather!! The drive home was uneventful and Maggie did great in the car and sleeping in a new place-YESSSS!!

Maggie got to touch some starfish and a horseshoe crab!!
(We laughed alot on the way home)

I am taking the Fort Belvoir FRG Leader course this week-will report back after Wednesday along with some pics of my cake creations :)

Monday, April 6, 2009


This Monday blog is really starting to become a habit!! We had a busy week with Spartan Basketball, Cake Decorating Class, a trip to the ER and a weekend visit to Pennsylvania.

First of all...GO STATE! Our Michigan State Spartans are playing UNC tonight in the NCAA Championship. We are so excited to watch the game and cheer on the Spartans to victory!! This is always a great time of year and even better when MSU does well.

Along with some of the other Moms from our playgroup, I started a month long cake decorating class. Our teacher is a riot and it should be good for a lot of laughs (and hopefully some new cake skills as well). Rob is the lucky guy who will benefit from all of the cake baking and will get to take some yummy treats to work with him. This week our design is a rainbow cake...I really think the Soldiers will like it.

On Thursday we took a short trip to the ER with Maggie. Long story short she had a case of "nursemaids elbow". A quick fix from the Doc followed by a red Popsicle and we were on our way home. Apparently this is a common problem in young children. Who knew?
Watching for Daddy. Whenever he pulls in she starts jumping on the chair, clapping, and says Da Da!!

We spent the weekend with our Army family in PA and had a great time. The weather was beautiful and Maggie loved hanging out with the older kids. We didn't make it to the cherry blossoms but will be able to go next year. Happy Easter everyone!!

Walking with Joshie and SofiaSo much Fun!!