Monday, December 21, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My funny kid

I have a really funny kid! Thought I would share a few recent Maggie-isms that make us smile. When she is looking at a book or magazine she will randomly say "oh, I miss a page". She has a fascination/fear of Santa Claus and is constantly asking if he is coming to the house. One minute she says "I yike him" and the next "Santa's scary-Daddy hold me!". She also likes to call me a "yucky pig" "oink oink". I realize I have been pretty hungry lately but seriously Maggie!! When she does not like something she tells us "I yik-e that" while shaking her head no. She is talking up a storm and surprises me all the time with what she remembers. She likes to list everyone coming to our house for Christmas "Papa, Nana, An Erin and An Emma".

(Rob and Maggie ready for the Army-Navy game)

In other news baby #2 is doing well and wiggling around like crazy! If Maggie turns out to be our quiet child we are really in trouble. We had our ultrasound 2 weeks ago and everything looks good so far. I have to go back again after Christmas but am happy to do so as Rob wasn't able to make it to the last one. Christmas shopping/baking/wrapping/shipping seems to be extra busy this year and I am really looking forward to having Rob around for some long weekends! I have a cookie exchange tomorrow and am trying out a new recipe-Giadas hazelnut biscotti (though they look more like a cookie to me). Hoping they are delicious!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I'm 29 today! I have been thinking about it for the past few weeks and wondering how I would feel today, one year away from my 30th birthday. Though this really isn't one of those milestone birthdays, it feels pretty significant to me. Maybe because it is my last year in my "20s" or maybe just because I am hyper-sensitive due to pregnancy, either way, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on this December 8th!

My initial reaction to 29 was honestly...fear. Last night I complained to Rob that 29 means I am official old and I was totally freaked out. Thinking about it today however, I have decided I am officially still young and very lucky! I have been blessed with a lot in 29 years and when I think about all the love in my life I am completely overwhelmed! I have been blessed with a lovely, large, healthy, and close knit family. I have so many friends around the world. I have spent my entire adult life in a "profession" of service as the wife of a Soldier. I have a beautiful daughter and the blessing of another baby on the way. And, I have had the love of the most wonderful man I know for almost 11 years.

So today, on my 29th birthday, I am thankful for all of the blessings in my life and celebrate all of the wonderful people who have helped make me the person I am today!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy belated Thanksgiving! We had a great weekend with my family and we are so glad they decided to make the drive to see us this year. Maggie LOVED playing with her cousin and they had a great time playing with Grandma all weekend. Thanksgiving dinner was another success due mainly to Rob's delicious turkey and some rescue help from Jessica in the kitchen when sweet potatoes caught on fire! Maggie and Caddie did their first cookie bake with Mom and we had a great time downtown checking out the Natural History Museum and the Sculpture Garden. We are headed into the busiest month of the year and are excited for all of the fun things December has in store for us. Hooray for the Holidays!!