Sunday, May 31, 2009


Bean Bag toss at Ellie's House
Beth and Andrew have the best porch!
Maggie's playgroup friends! (Ellie usually wears clothes but we had a spill before the camera came out!)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's going on?

Not much actually! We are still trying to get into the new schedule with Rob working longer hours, later dinners, etc. I have to admit it was a little shocking last week but I am getting used to it and figuring out ways to make sure Maggie's schedule stays on track. I tried letting her stay up late to see Daddy before bedtime but that totally backfired on me!

We had a relaxing long weekend and took Maggie to the zoo on Friday. It was fun to see the animals but a tired baby and the long Metro ride home do not mix well! We got together with some friends for a Memorial Day BBQ which was a lot of fun and just caught up on our sleep.

Maggie is literally running around the house now and her new favorite thing is eating with utensils. She doesn't quite get the hang of it but will sit in her high chair for 45 minutes eating and practicing. She is becoming a bit demanding and can tell you exactly what she wants. Just now she saw the package for some animal crackers in the cupboard and from across the room she started pointing, making the sign for more and saying "mommy-mommy". Daily she will walk over to the stroller and try to climb in while pointing outside. She is so much fun though and is a really happy little girl. She waves at everyone she sees and is smiley all the time. I am so looking forward to introducing her to old friends and extended family this summer!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Change of Command

Rob took Command on Friday! It was a really wonderful Change of Command Ceremony and we were so lucky to have Rob's family and our Army family with us to celebrate. Rob's Mom Nancy arrived on Tuesday to help me with all the food. Making food for 150 is no joke and I could not have done it without her help! Everything turned out great though and the food was delicious!! Things are definitely going to be busier around the Crowe household but we could not be more excited for this new chapter in our lives!!

The Crowe Family
Whew! Its finally over!

Washington Weekend

On Saturday we went downtown to check out the Mall and Old Town Alexandria. It was Larry's first time in DC and I think he really enjoyed seeing all the sights. We saw the White House, Washington, Lincoln, WWII and the Vietnam Memorials. Maggie had fun walking around and hanging out with Nana and Grandpa. We had dinner in Old Town and game night back at the house. We spent Sunday back in DC checking out some Museums. We split up so everyone could see exactly what they wanted. Rob and I took Maggie to the Natural History Museum, the Sculpture Garden and her favorite, the Building Museum. We ate dinner at the Capital City Brewery before saying goodbye to Aunt Erin. Maggie and I started swim lessons today and she LOVED it! She did not want to be held and enjoyed swimming to catch the rubbery duckies. Th Rec Center has a "beach" area which was great for Maggie to walk around in. She fell over and got a face full of water a couple times but didn't seem to mind. She is working on some molars and is still a little crabby but did really well this weekend despite the crazy schedule.

Hanging out with Nana and Grandpa

A windy day at the GW Monument

Austin Grille in Old Town for dinner

Checking out the animals at the Smithsonian

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all my wonderful Mommy friends, Aunts, Grandma Judge, Grandma Martin, Granna, and mostly Mom and Nancy, Happy Mother's Day! I hope you know how much we love and appreciate you today and everyday! We are truly blessed to have you in our lives. Today I am thankful for the gift of my child and the special duty I have in raising her. She is such a joy to me and I feel so lucky to be her Mom! An extra special wish today for my friends who are celebrating this day while their husbands serve overseas. You are amazing and strong women and your children are lucky to have you!! And to my friends celebrating their first Mother's Day, especially Erin J and Stephanie, welcome to the club! We are so glad you are here!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Just a quick note to say how grateful I am for modern medicine! After eating something bad on Saturday I found myself with a case of food poisoning yesterday. I spent a few hours in the ER being treated for dehydration and am on the mend. This was my first experience with food poisoning and it is probably the worst I have ever felt besides labor!!! A huge thank you to Tracie for all her help yesterday-what a great friend!! Hope everyone else had a great weekend and I will try to post some more recent pictures of Miss Maggie soon! Back to the gatorade and chicken soup!