Monday, December 19, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Two weeks ago we went out to Laingsburg to cut down our first ever real Christmas tree.  After years of using our artificial tree, I finally convinced Rob to get a real one.  We stopped at Tom and Becky's house before heading next door and had a very special visit with the family.  Maggie drank hot cocoa with Becky and demonstrated her Irish dancing skills for Tom.   The kids loved seeing the animals and riding in the big tractor pulled wagon to find our tree.  Maggie even helped Rob cut it down.  I am so excited to begin family traditions that will continue as we celebrate Christmas in Michigan for years to come. 
Merry Christmas everyone!!

 Checking out the animals at Peacock Road Tree Farm
 Riding in the wagon to pick out our tree
 We found it!
 Rob handled the saw and Maggie helped tip it over :)
 Brrr! It was pretty windy and started to rain
 Decorating our first real Christmas tree ever!!
Merry Christmas

Friday, December 9, 2011

First Snow

See Charlie? Isn't this fun?
 Its not so bad Maggie, and the snow is great for eating!
 Here Charlie, let me help you with your mittens!! OK, time to go inside!

 Sun peeking over the trees
 Lucy LOVES the snow
 and I LOVE our backyard on snow days! So much room to run around!
Winter has arrived! We got our first snow right after Thanksgiving and it was a wonderful 8-10 inches.  The kids were so excited but Charlie only made it outside for about 10 minutes before he ripped off his mittens and decided he'd had enough.  That was, of course, after 30 minutes of getting them bundled up.  We got a little more snow this morning and I am remembering how slippery it can be, especially in our neighborhood.  Maybe we will be sick of it by next month, but for right now I am really loving our first winter back home. 


Playing in the backyard before the feast
 The Thanksgiving group (Claire took the picture)
 Tech tots
 Curly girlie
 Charlie pretending to skateboard.  Not really, but it looks like it right?

Thursday, November 10, 2011


 SAFE Halloween in downtown EL
 Maggie and her friend Lucy loving the candy!!
 Carving pumpkins with Dad

 Pirates getting ready for adventure

 Trick or treating with cousins in the old neighborhood-so much fun!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


We have obviously been so busy these past few weeks, where are all my posts!! So a little update on everyone:

Rob is enjoying his new job and we are so glad to see him a lot more than we used to!! He is also loving all of the fun work he has to do now that we have such a big yard. Who wouldn't love driving that John Deere around and building bonfires though? He ran the Lansing City River Run Half Marathon with Jess last month and finished with a respectable time :)

I am meeting lots of great girls, thanks to Maggie's preschool and a local MOPS program! I am still sad sometimes and miss our Army life but being in Michigan during the fall (FOOTBALL SEASON) has been so exciting and fun. We have been able to see the Spartans play, watch the marching band practice before home games and tailgate. I am still struggling with what I should be doing/involved with here but am just trying to focus on my number one job and savor these quickly passing moments with Maggie and Charlie.

Maggie is doing well in Preschool and I am thrilled with the program she is attending. The teachers are so sweet and it is such a caring and fun environment for her to be in. It is amazing as ever to see her brain growing and she is really interested in letters, pirates, dress up and riding bikes with the neighbor kids these days.

Charlie is running, climbing and jumping all over the place. He is still not talking that much but has picked up lots of signs (as have we) thanks to some DVDs from the library. His favorite sign is "candy". He LOVES playing outdoors and follows his big sister everywhere. He is such a sweet little guy!!
We have been very busy with lots of visitors, already seeing Dad, and both Emma and Bridget twice since we moved in. The kids also got to spend a fun weekend with the Crowes while Rob and I were able to see a movie and have a date night at Lansing's Oktoberfest with Brendan and Jess. We are so glad to be able to see them and the girls frequently and of course, my Mom! She has dinner with us regularly and the kids couldn't be happier to see her! Oh, and Maggie is requesting I mention her awesome racing in the Dino Dash at MSU. She is so proud of her medal and we had a great time being active with some friends!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ready for Preschool!


After a long summer we are finally back online! What a crazy few months it has been. Here's a little summer...

- Rob finished out his job with the 911th and we had a tearful Change of Command mid month
- I visited Bridget in NYC over Memorial Day weekend. It was SUPER!!

- We packed up our house and loaded the truck. All of our things headed to storage
- We drove both cars (with some help from Aunt Erin) back to Michigan and moved in with a very gracious Mom!
- Looked at 15 houses in 3 days and made an offer on a house!
- Spent lots of time at the zoo, Impressions 5, and water parks around Lansing
- Celebrated the bithdays of our beautiful neices

- Spent 4th of July in Grand Haven. Maggie loved the fireworks!
- Visited the Jamiesons up north and remembered why we love Michigan SO much!
- It was HOT!
- Stressed over the house but finally...

- Closed on the house! Yipee!
- Had a wonderful week on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with the Judge Family
- Got the keys to our house!

- Moved in to the house, still unpacking
- Maggie started Pre-School!

Being home in Michigan feels fantastic! I am still sad about leaving the Army and missing my friends in Virginia, but it is really great to be so near to family and finally be able to have a place of our own. Please come visit :)

Blue eyes

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Taking a break

Just wanted to let our faithful readers know we are on hiatus until we are settled after the big move! I am taking pictures of the kids and will be sure to do some back-blogs when I can upload them to our computer. Check facebook for our mobile uploads :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Family shot with cousin Simon

Friday, April 22, 2011

Charlie's First Birthday

We celebrated Charlie's first birthday with two parties and a car trip :) We had lunch at Kellys with our family. Yummy food and great service! After the lunch we stopped at Angie and Chris's house to celebrate with Rob's high school friends. Angie and I both had babies on April 16th!! Lilly and Charlie had a fantastic party and we had so much fun before we got on the road to head back to VA!
The Birthday Boy with Aunt Emma and Aunt Larry

Happy Birthday dear Charlie!

The Birthday Twins!!
Charlie LOVES cake! Thanks to oxiclean we were able to save the shirt!
After the cake extravaganza

Rob and all of his girlfriends :)