Monday, July 30, 2012


So, I pretty much feel like this all the time. Apologies for the few and far between blog posts. Maybe when the summer is over and M is in school again we will have more time? Probably not :)

Anyhoo, the summer is almost over and here's how we have spent it so far. In June I took a trip to NYC with Claire to visit Bridget for her birthday. It was so much fun! We also went to Florida to visit some good Army friends. The weather could have been better but we had a great time. July has been busy with (almost) daily trips to the water park and eating the first veggies from our garden as well as Caddie and Laila's birthday party and visits with Grandma Judge. August's big event is the wedding of Rob's little sister Emma in Chicago. Its going to be a fantastic event and we cant wait to welcome Larry to the family!

Playing on the beach in Florida
 Dinner with Grandma
 Dress up birthday party
 birthday fun
 matching dresses
handsome :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012 far


 Happy Mothers Day
Hanging out in Grand Rapids 


Way behind, way behind!! So here are the highlights from April.  We celebrated Charlie's 2nd birthday, started soccer with Maggie and Caddie (Coach Rob and Coach Brendan :), and Maggie had her first dance recital. 

Charlie had a small family party and owl cupcakes with some of his baby friends while Sissy was at preschool.  He is an active, silly little guy who always makes us smile.  He LOVES all sports, especially football and baseball and is constantly throwing, kicking or hitting something.  That's not always a good thing!! His language has exploded in the past month and he is really able to communicate now.  Its been so much fun to hear his thoughts finally.  He is still a great sleeper though doesn't want to go to bed before the sun these days. Who can blame him though? His favorite movies are Finding Nemo and Rio, he loves peanut butter, cheese and any kind of baked good.  He is still a little tiny thing coming in at the 2% for weight and 10% for height.  What a guy!

Maggie seems to enjoy soccer but really loves going to dance class.  Imagine that! Her first recital was so super cute and made me realize just how much time my own Mom spent waiting for me as I danced through my childhood.  Thanks Mom!

 owl cupcake cake
 make a wish!

 ready for her recital

bibbity bobbity boo

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter

Its April in Michigan and its snowing. Lucky for us, Easter was Sunday :) This year was the first time EVER that Rob and I spent Easter together in Michigan. Crazy right?? We spent Saturday and Sunday in West Michigan and got to enjoy lots of sunshine. The kids got to play in the sand in Grand Haven, get ice cream and enjoy the "hot pool" at Nana and Papas. Maggie and I spent some special time together in church on Sunday before a super fun Easter egg hunt. There is something about babies in sweet spring clothes and new green grass that makes me want to jump for joy. Although the sugar buzz wore off around 6pm and they both cried for 2 hours straight, I'd call the weekend a success :)
 Checking for Easter eggs
 Get these kids some sunglasses!
 Found one!
 Is there CANDY in here?
 Yes Mam, I believe there is

Easter group photo

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St Patricks Day

 Miss Ellie
 Trying to make baby Kate laugh (or just poking her with a feather)
 So glad to have the Jamiesons in Michigan!!

Charlie loved the parade :)

Maggie's 4th Birthday

Maggie turned 4 on March 2nd, hard to believe, I know! She had a really fun weekend including cupcakes and a surprise visit from Aunts Claire and Bridget at school and a Hawaiian themed party with family on Saturday. She was the perfect Hawaiian princess thanks to "Auntie" Sally and Caroline who sent goodies all the way from the Aloha State. Charlie even joined in the fun with his authentic Hawaiian threads. Maggie continues to thrill us everyday with her humor, creativity and imagination. Her teachers report her as a very social little girl and she loves spending time with her friends at school and her cousins. She loves playing at the park, singing songs, playing dress up and creating imaginary scenarios to act out ( She is still very strong willed though is really starting to be a great help around the house and with Charlie. Her favorite colors are pink and purple and she loves sweets of all kinds and seafood (she chose Red Lobster for her birthday dinner) :)

 cupcakes at school
 doing the hula in her new dress from Caroline

 Maggies "Hawaiian" menu
 watch out for this guy!
Happy 4th Birthday?

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