Monday, July 30, 2012


So, I pretty much feel like this all the time. Apologies for the few and far between blog posts. Maybe when the summer is over and M is in school again we will have more time? Probably not :)

Anyhoo, the summer is almost over and here's how we have spent it so far. In June I took a trip to NYC with Claire to visit Bridget for her birthday. It was so much fun! We also went to Florida to visit some good Army friends. The weather could have been better but we had a great time. July has been busy with (almost) daily trips to the water park and eating the first veggies from our garden as well as Caddie and Laila's birthday party and visits with Grandma Judge. August's big event is the wedding of Rob's little sister Emma in Chicago. Its going to be a fantastic event and we cant wait to welcome Larry to the family!

Playing on the beach in Florida
 Dinner with Grandma
 Dress up birthday party
 birthday fun
 matching dresses
handsome :)