Thursday, August 28, 2008


Football season starts this weekend! Is there any better time of year really??? Michigan State plays Cal on Saturday and I really hope they win (especially after my bet with UJ). Looking forward to as many games as we get on Cable America. GO MSU!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well I finally caved and started Maggie on rice cereal before the suggested 6 month mark. However, this girl was ready for something new! The first night of cereal she was not that intersted but by day two she was eating like a champ. After a week I mixed in a little bit of peas which she gobbled right up. This week we started a morning meal as well with some bananas (which she will eat with the cereal but wants nothing to do with by themselves!). I am following the 4 day rule to check for allergies and am trying to think of new foods to introduce. Avacados and sweet potatoes have been mentioned. If any of you moms out there have any suggestions please let me know! We also ordered her a high chair and will report back on how feeding her NOT in the bumbo seat goes!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School

Maggie and I said good-bye to Rob this afternoon and wished him luck in his first class of Grad School at Missouri S & T. He is taking 18 credits this semester so I expect life to be a little crazy here! Maggie is loving her big girl food and chows down on some rice cereal!! However, she does not like bananas-strange huh? She is developing such a little personality these days and makes us laugh with her new developments daily. We are enjoying the end of summer here in Missouri and are looking forward to our last fall at Ft Leonard Wood (we think??). Hooray for cooler weather!

Maggie in her big girl outfit! Thanks to Laura Leigh and Erin for the cute jumper and Kristin S for the sneakers!

She is sitting up all by herself now-what a big girl!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sweet Girl

For the past month or so Maggie has been way out of sorts. The trip to Michigan messed with her routine and she has been extra crabby since then. BUT-it is all becuase of her teeth. I feel so bad for thinking she is just a fussy baby! The first tiny tooth broke through last night and she has been an angel all morning. Poor little sweet girl!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby in the Basket

Just a few cute pics of Maggie in the laundry basket. This baby LOVES textiles and is always trying to eat our clothes, blankets, etc. She is starting to sit up now and thinks she is such a big girl (we do too!). AND-she slept for 9 hours straight last night...SWEET!!!

Hippie Baby

In case you have not heard yet...tye dye is back in! At least according to Parents Magazine in their August issue. After a few trips to Walmart we finally got the right tools and went crazy with baby onsies and some shirts for us. It was actually pretty fun and Maggie looks pretty cute in her new digs. Peace, Love, Ga-Ga Go-Go

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today Mom and Auntie Megan decided to put my hair in a ponytail for the first time! Dad was not a fan and said I looked like a mad scientist. Mom and Auntie Megan liked it though. I think I looked fabulous!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Megan and Kristen are coming for a visit today and THE OLYMPICS BEGIN! They love the summer games as much as I do so it should be a great week! I have not seen Kris since Mike's wedding last September and Maggie has changed alot since Meg was last here in May. Hooray for college reunions and GO AMERICA!! Can't you just hear the olympic music right now? DA---DA---DA-DA-DA-DA

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Main Event

The highlight of our trip had to be the double baptism of Maggie and Caddie. We had a perfect day and a great turnout! The girls looked beautiful and at least one of them behaved. Can you guess which one? Maggie was a wiggly weasel the whole time but kept everyone smiling and laughing throughout. She was just having too much fun getting holy and didn't want to be quiet and still in church. As soon as the service ended and everyone clapped she got all smiley. Almost enough time for family photos!!!

Meeting Grandpa Martin for the first time!!

Babies and God-Parents with Father Mark at St Johns (where Brendan and I were both baptized as well!!)

The Judge-Martin Clan

Four Generations-Grandma Judge (Patricia), Mom (Margaret), me and Margaret Patricia!!

The quilt Mom put together for us. It is a tradition in our "village" to give each new baby a quilt with special sqaures made by each family. Caddie got a beautiful quilt too!

Spring Lake

The second week of our trip to Michigan brought us to Spring Lake. For those of you not familiar with our lovely state it is on the west side about 10 mintutes from Lake Michigan and the great summer city of Grand Haven. Grand Haven is also the home of the US Coast Guard Festival which coincided with our visit. We spent lots of quality time with Rob's parents and sisters Erin and Emma. We also go to meet Emma's new boyfriend who is very sweet! We got pronto pups (YUM) and enjoyed the festival sights, sounds and food. We saw alot of Rob's family too at the pool party/lunch on Friday. And as always we got to eat tons of delicious meals-thanks Nancy!!

Cooking with Nana!

I love Grandpa Crowe!

Mom and Dad took me to Fenians Pub for the Irish Music Session. It was great and I liked bouncing to the music!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Maggie's First Trip to the Zoo

Yay for Potter Park Zoo! Maggie and Caddie had thier first trip to the zoo together. It was a little smaller than we remembered it as kids but it was fun to walk around outside.

Caddie loved feeding the goats!

Rob and Maggie got spit on by a llama!

Family picture in the park!


Well we are back from our summer vacation and had a great time in Michigan. The first week of our trip we stayed in Lansing to spend time with the Judge-Martin side of the family. We had such a great time with my mom and sisters and brother and his family! On Monday I got to see some old friends from High School and meet a sweet little baby girl!

Maggie had fun meeting Sienna and can't wait to see her again! On Tuesday we went to Max and Ermas for burger night before watching the Lash play at Eastwood. Caddie was soooo cute in her little "bib".

We also went to Babies and Books with Jess and Caddie and has so much fun learning new songs and rolling around (that was Maggie-not me!. When we were downtown one day Rob and I took a little tour of the state capital building. We both had not been there since Elementary School and appreciated it so much more as adults.

Couldn't miss Blues on the Square! We Love Lansing!!