Monday, July 14, 2008


You would think that the child of Rob Crowe would love to sleep as much as her father. (This is the guy who can fall asleep anywhere, at any time and sleep for stretches as long as 18 hours). However, Maggie is convinced that there is something fun going on at night that she can't miss. I really can't believe that she is hungry every 2-3 hours at night (especially when she slept 8 hours on the 4th of July). I am hesitant to try to get her back on her schedule when we have a 2 weeks trip to Michigan starting this weekend. Just send your sleepy thoughts this way and keep your fingers crossed that Rob and I can stay awake for the drive up north! Oh Miss Maggie!!!


kd said...

Miss Maggie, listen to your mommy! I will make sure that Drew sends some of his sleep to #38--he has been sleeping til 9 most mornings!

b-j-c said...

Maybe Caddie can tell her to sleep when she gets here! Would love to go to the pool and the zoo, maybe the boys can babysit during yoga! Can't wait to see you!