Monday, April 6, 2009


This Monday blog is really starting to become a habit!! We had a busy week with Spartan Basketball, Cake Decorating Class, a trip to the ER and a weekend visit to Pennsylvania.

First of all...GO STATE! Our Michigan State Spartans are playing UNC tonight in the NCAA Championship. We are so excited to watch the game and cheer on the Spartans to victory!! This is always a great time of year and even better when MSU does well.

Along with some of the other Moms from our playgroup, I started a month long cake decorating class. Our teacher is a riot and it should be good for a lot of laughs (and hopefully some new cake skills as well). Rob is the lucky guy who will benefit from all of the cake baking and will get to take some yummy treats to work with him. This week our design is a rainbow cake...I really think the Soldiers will like it.

On Thursday we took a short trip to the ER with Maggie. Long story short she had a case of "nursemaids elbow". A quick fix from the Doc followed by a red Popsicle and we were on our way home. Apparently this is a common problem in young children. Who knew?
Watching for Daddy. Whenever he pulls in she starts jumping on the chair, clapping, and says Da Da!!

We spent the weekend with our Army family in PA and had a great time. The weather was beautiful and Maggie loved hanging out with the older kids. We didn't make it to the cherry blossoms but will be able to go next year. Happy Easter everyone!!

Walking with Joshie and SofiaSo much Fun!!


Jenn said...

so I had to look up nursemaids elbow, interesting. Glad she recovered quickly. I'm also super jealous of all the fun ya'll are having!

Rachel said...

I'm glad Maggie is better! I love the picture of her in the chair waiting for Rob... too sweet! I think you should post pics of your cake creations too. I'm so jealous of your fun cake decorating class!