Monday, May 18, 2009

Washington Weekend

On Saturday we went downtown to check out the Mall and Old Town Alexandria. It was Larry's first time in DC and I think he really enjoyed seeing all the sights. We saw the White House, Washington, Lincoln, WWII and the Vietnam Memorials. Maggie had fun walking around and hanging out with Nana and Grandpa. We had dinner in Old Town and game night back at the house. We spent Sunday back in DC checking out some Museums. We split up so everyone could see exactly what they wanted. Rob and I took Maggie to the Natural History Museum, the Sculpture Garden and her favorite, the Building Museum. We ate dinner at the Capital City Brewery before saying goodbye to Aunt Erin. Maggie and I started swim lessons today and she LOVED it! She did not want to be held and enjoyed swimming to catch the rubbery duckies. Th Rec Center has a "beach" area which was great for Maggie to walk around in. She fell over and got a face full of water a couple times but didn't seem to mind. She is working on some molars and is still a little crabby but did really well this weekend despite the crazy schedule.

Hanging out with Nana and Grandpa

A windy day at the GW Monument

Austin Grille in Old Town for dinner

Checking out the animals at the Smithsonian

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Jenn said...

How fun! I didn't even think about Maggie and Elizabeth getting molars until you said that she was working on some. Well, E had been not herself and I thought she was teething, but since I didn't see anything in the front, I dismissed it. Well, I put my finger in her mouth and low and behold she is getting a molar! It's about half poked through! I wouldn't even thought to look had you not said something. Thanks!