Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just a little something

I realize I have been really bad at putting up recent pictures and stories but am trying to make this week an exception. I am hoping to add a new photo of Maggie everyday! We will be sticking around home this week as our friends in Williamsburg are under the weather but hopefully will have a visit from Aunt Erin! Maybe some shopping is in order?? We are also really looking forward to Halloween on Saturday and doing some trick-or-treating with our little crab!

In other news we waited for 3+ hours on Saturday to get our flu and H1N1 shots at the Ft Belvoir field house. It was a super long day but at least we are done with it! Maggie did surprisingly well for being stuck in line during lunch/naptime. We all needed a little snooze when we got home :)

Also, a belated congratulations to Schneiders and Pritchards on the arrival of their little girls. We look forward to meeting Olivia and Lucy sometime soon!!

Have a GREAT week!

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