Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am so excited for Thanksgiving! My mom and all the siblings as well as Rob's sister, will be joining us and I am so looking forward to having everyone here. I think Maggie is going to have a blast with Caddie around too! I went to the Commissary today and was so tempted to get everything for next week. I am slowly getting the non-perishables and picked out Mr Turkey today. Watch out for me next week though-cart will be full!

Maggie and I went down to Williamsburg on Monday to hang out with the Griders. We had a great time and as usual Maggie loved seeing Jack and Hank. I was unhappy that the Puma outlet had NOTHING in her size but I did get some great stuff over the weekend at the outlets with Beth and a head start on the Christmas shopping.

I had my 16 week checkup this morning and so far everything is looking good. Baby 2's heart rate was 140 and I am sticking to my guns and proclaiming this one to be a boy! Rob thinks I am crazy but there is something to be said for Mother's intuition. The Doc also gave me the go ahead to participate in the BN Thanksgiving Party Spouse Flights. I get to fly in a helicopter around DC-YAY!!

Back upstairs to make cranberry sauce and punch for our playgroup lunch tomorrow!!


Kelly said...

How much fun! Tell Amanda I said hi - where are they now? Glad you're feeling well:)

Steph said...

I am hosting Thanksgiving too, and I want to start shopping and cleaning. I'm making myself hold off until this weekend.

Whitney's heart rate held around 160, so if heart rate tells you anything, you may have a boy!!