Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Update and Pictures from Easter

Not a ton to report! Baby may or may not come early, a little flu bug yesterday brought on some contractions, etc but seem to be subsiding again! We are still a few weeks from my due date and not sure what this little one wants to do! Luckily, my Mom was with us last week and helped me get a TON done before baby's arrival. The nursery is ready and there are two weeks ready to go in the deep freeze. I think Maggie is getting anxious as well, less for the arrival of a sibling and more for the visits from family that will come with the baby.

We had a great Easter weekend with the exception of the MSU loss, but enjoyed some awesome weather with my Mom and sister. Here are a few pictures from our "spring break".

Enjoying the peeps in her Easter Basket!

Coloring Easter Eggs with Aunt Bridget before the MSU game

Pregnant Mommy!! (about 36 weeks)

Easter Egg Hunt in the front yard. She found all of the eggs but was only interested in the ones with candy in them!


Jenny said...

Erin, You look AWESOME! Can't wait to hear the news that Baby Crow #2 is here!

Jenny said...

Sorry Baby Crowe I published before rereading my post :)