Monday, June 28, 2010

Charlie's Baptism Weekend

We just had a fantastic weekend with Mom, Grandma Judge and Aunt Anne! They came down to DC for a visit and we were able to coordinate Charlie's Baptism for the same weekend!! Godmothers Aunt Bridget and Aunt Erin were here as well and Charlie could not have been more perfect! He looked adorable in his little white suit and was completely happy throughout the service. He also wore a special baptismal garment made by his great-great uncle that was passed down to us by UJ-THANK YOU!! He was one of 7 babies baptized at Good Shepherd on Saturday but Father Chuck kept the service rolling and did a great job. It was so special for me to have Grandma and my own Godmother celebrate with us (they were also at Maggie's).Maggie played with her friend Ellie and had a great time with her at our house afterwards. Rob and I even got a date in too!

We took a (very hot) trip to Arlington National Cemetery yesterday at Grandma's request. It was my first trip there and it was an extremely peaceful and beautiful place. I look forward to a return trip with Rob hopefully when the weather is a little more cooperative.

We are excited for the 4th of July weekend (and our 7 year anniversary) which we will spend with my Dad and Caeli!! Hopefully Maggie has a little longer attention span at the fireworks this year!

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