Wednesday, September 14, 2011


After a long summer we are finally back online! What a crazy few months it has been. Here's a little summer...

- Rob finished out his job with the 911th and we had a tearful Change of Command mid month
- I visited Bridget in NYC over Memorial Day weekend. It was SUPER!!

- We packed up our house and loaded the truck. All of our things headed to storage
- We drove both cars (with some help from Aunt Erin) back to Michigan and moved in with a very gracious Mom!
- Looked at 15 houses in 3 days and made an offer on a house!
- Spent lots of time at the zoo, Impressions 5, and water parks around Lansing
- Celebrated the bithdays of our beautiful neices

- Spent 4th of July in Grand Haven. Maggie loved the fireworks!
- Visited the Jamiesons up north and remembered why we love Michigan SO much!
- It was HOT!
- Stressed over the house but finally...

- Closed on the house! Yipee!
- Had a wonderful week on the Outer Banks of North Carolina with the Judge Family
- Got the keys to our house!

- Moved in to the house, still unpacking
- Maggie started Pre-School!

Being home in Michigan feels fantastic! I am still sad about leaving the Army and missing my friends in Virginia, but it is really great to be so near to family and finally be able to have a place of our own. Please come visit :)

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