Monday, September 8, 2008

Checking In

So not too much is new with the Crowe family. We had a pretty relaxing weekend. Friday night we checked out a new place to eat with the Delafield Crew (Crazy Jacks was not that great). Saturday (mom's birthday) we took Lucy swimming with Sally and Rachel and their dogs and kept track of the MSU score via Internet. Sunday was pretty laid back with some naps and a drive down Y Highway (not much to do around here-I know!!). Maggie is teething again and has had some trouble sleeping during the night but she went to playgroup this morning and enjoyed seeing all the kids. The fire drill however, she did not enjoy. We also booked our tickets for Thanksgiving in Philly after several tries and much swearing at my stupid cell phone provider. AT&T is seriously close to meeting my fist!! We will be having turkey with the Crowes and possibly spending some time with my family if they head to the east coast as well. Rachel is coming over tonight for dinner and a movie-fun!!

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