Sunday, November 30, 2008


Well, we made it home from Philadelphia! We had an absolutely fabulous time with our families and friends in the City of Brotherly Love.
We arrived on Tuesday after an uneventful day of traveling. On the second leg of our trip we got an entire row to ourselves and Maggie was quite the big girl on the airplane. After meeting Erin at the airport and a delicious dinner, Maggie slept PERFECTLY all night long and we thought we had it made for the rest of the trip. On Wednesday we met up with my friend Jenn from City Year who I had not seen since 2003. It was so great to catch up and to catch lunch at the always exciting Reading Terminal Market, one of our favorites.
The LOVE statue always looks smaller than I remember it but we couldn't walk by without a family photo. We walked around the city and drove out to Fishtown to pick up the turkey from Erin's co-op farm. We also picked Bridget up at 30th Street Station when she arrived on the bus from New York. We ate Thanksgiving with the Crowes and then headed over to Aunt Kate's to see Mom, Claire and the Judge side of the family. On Friday spent the day with the Judge side again and saw my Dad and Caeli as well.
Grandma looked especially well and really enjoyed seeing Maggie again. It was also great to see Aunt Kate and her family after 2 years! Maddy was especially smitten with Maggie and they were super cute together. Saturday I went to IKEA with Nancy, Reg and Erin while Rob and the baby stayed back at the apartment and had a nap (Maggie did not sleep well after the first night and we were all tired!!). I forgot how much I love IKEA and got the cutest bedding ever for Maggie. After our shopping trip we walked to Erins office and had the most delicious hot chocolate at Capogiro before having dinner with Robs family.
Rob and Maggie were so sweet while waiting for gelato. She did so well with all of the moving around during the day that I couldn't be too frustrated with her lack of sleep at night. While in Philly we were lucky enough to stay at the great apartment of Erin's friends Marissa and Andre. It was so nice to have the extra room for the baby to play and she loved all of their furniture. She would make daily laps around the coffee table and learned how to pull up on her car seat and our legs. Here she is enjoying her new found mobility


Rachel said...

i'm glad you guys had such a good time in philly. love the pink coat! good choice! :)

kd said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Love M's outfit in the last picture :)

K Seholm said...

I LOVE your title picture!! Such a precious family you are! Have a great time!