Sunday, November 16, 2008

"She's Advanced"

Brrrr! Fall has finally departed Missouri for the year. At least it seemed like it yesterday!! Maggie is nto quite sure about this cold weather but looks really cute in her little pink snowsuit. What's new with her this week? She has learned how to smile for the camera which is awesome for me (way more cute shots and less frustration!!). She is pulling up to standing like crazy and LOVES her little activity table we picked up at the second hand store this weekend. She can stand and play forever. She still is not really interested in baby food anymore and prefers whatever Rob and I are eating. On Friday she even enjoyed some of the yummy chicken curry Rob made for dinner. Her other favorites are homemade mac and cheese, chili, and grilled cheese sandwiches. She surprises us all the time with her culinary tastes. Like Aunt Erin would say "she's advanced".

Playing with my new toy

Laughing with Mommy

Piggy Tails!!


Having fun with Daddy and Lucy


erin crowe said...

first daughters so often are. ;-)

The Crowes said...

i could not agree more!

Angie Precht said...

These pics are soooo cute! You can see her personality in every one of them!