Friday, July 17, 2009

Wish me luck!

I am taking Maggie on an airplane tomorrow-without Rob! We have not flown since last summer and she is a little more active now then when she was 3 months old. Send your calm thoughts our way tomorrow and hope that we get a nice Grandma to sit next to! We are headed off to visit Julie and her family and are excited to see everyone again. We might also get to see LL and baby Reed-hooray!! Rob is hanging out at home with our great friends Andrew and Danielle who are moving to Alexandria and house hunting this week. So excited for them!!! Pictures in a few weeks of our multiple trips. So long!

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Beth Pritchard said...

I flew with Joelle at this same age by myself. My advice is to show up at the airport early and let Maggie run around like crazy and get her energy out. Have lots of snacks and toys and books that she enjoys. Don't hesitate to let her walk the aisles of the airplane and use the flight attendants to hold her and entertain her if you have to use the bathroom. And you do want that nice grandma to sit next to because we did on one of our flights and they just LOVED sitting next to Joelle. Good luck!