Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It's finally cooling down in Virginia and I could not be happier!! It is the perfect fall weather for walking with friends and trips to the park. Maggie loves that she gets to be outside more. Rob is back at work after a well deserved break and is busy as usual. Late nights seem to be the norm during command :) We celebrated his birthday over the weekend with Andrew and Danielle and he made it home early on Monday for dinner with his gals! I am quickly writing this between fixing dinner and getting ready for game night with some of the ladies from the Company. I hope they have fun and eat all the food I made today!! I am looking forward to all of the yummys myself-pizza dip, cheese dip with apples, cream puffs, and other fall treats. Maggie is busy busy and her vocabulary increases daily. I am pretty sure she knows over 100 words by now and is working on her animal sounds and colors (she has pink and purple down-my little girl!!). She loves to color and draws me pictures multiple times per day. She also has been terrorizing the dog and chasing after Lucy with her baby stroller while screaming as loud as she can. Anyone else have a screech-er out there?? Still trying to figure out how to make that stop!

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