Thursday, September 24, 2009

Michigan in the Fall

It's so wonderful I often wonder why we live anywhere else :) We got home last night from our week up north and realized the temperature at 8pm was 82. By mid-September I am so done with summer and yearning for cooler weather. We had a wonderful week with family and were able to spend time in both Spring Lake and Lansing. Rob's Irish relatives were visiting and it was great to see them again (its been 6 years) and to introduce them to Maggie. Rob also got to meet little Laila in Lansing and Maggie had a great couple of days with her best friend/cousin Caddie. Fun stuff we did on vacation:

1. Got fresh doughnuts and cider from the mill near the Crowes
2. Went swimming, relaxed around the fire pit and made s'mores
3. Ate delicious food!!
4. Went to the Michigan Irish Music Festival and ate tacos and grape Faygo
5. Took Maggie and Caddie to Impressions 5
6. Fed the ducks, got ice cream and went to the Children's Garden at MSU
7. Saw lots of old friends/Rob's family in Lansing
8. Helped Mom finally get the Internet at home!
9. Wore jeans and sweatshirts!!!
10. Had Rob's complete attention!!!! (work is pretty busy these days)

It's 9:30 and Maggie is still asleep! She must be super over-tired from the long day in the car and early mornings in Michigan. Pictures from the week to come!

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Steph said...

sounds like lots of fun, and I love your #9, jeans and sweatshirts!