Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Year in VA

We have been in Virginia for a year!! I still miss Missouri sometimes (mainly our neighborhood and all of our great Army friends) but am pretty excited to be here! Life is busier but there is always something to look forward too. The biggest change/surprise is still how "civilian-ized" my life has become. I love my girlfriends here though and am so thankful for all of the DC knowledge they have shared with me!

Life in the Crowe house is progressing as normal. Maggie loves gymnastics and has started to tell us "jokes" that keep everyone cracking up (example: last night at bedtime I say "do you want Mommy or Daddy to tuck you in tonight?" Maggie says "or....Lucy??"). Rob is busy at work and I am trying to pace myself in this pregnancy and relax about having everything done this month!! Baby 2 is growing (as am I) and though we still don't know what we are having, I had a really vivid dream that it was a girl. Who knows??? Names are still open for discussion and I do not feel any closer to a decision.

Dad and Caeli were here last weekend for the 4 day and it was great to see them! Maggie loved having them around to play with (boss around) and we enjoyed some great weather downtown.

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Bridget said...

"or .... Lucy?"

oh my god I am crying laughing. I will be down the 3rd week of February, to visit Brit. Cass is coming with me and we are staying with her, but I will pop over to see you and the babe!!!!