Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Two

I realize I have been giving small updates on this pregnancy but figured I should spend some time blogging about this baby as well!! I am now 27 weeks along and looking forward to my next Doctor's appointment this Friday. I dealt with some morning sickness early on but have felt great since about 16 weeks! During the beginning of the pregnancy, it felt very different from my pregnancy with Maggie. I was way more tired, sick all day, and just felt yucky! The second trimester however seems very similar to Maggie's! I have been super hungry and while I am trying to make healthy choices I am still rapidly gaining weight! I am still within the "normal" range but was hoping for a fitter pregnancy this time. I am so looking forward to an early spring here in VA so we can get outside more regularly! Last Monday it was 65 degrees and today it is 30 with snow everywhere!!

Baby 2 is a little frog and is ALWAYS moving! He/she does a great job of waking me up all night though (just like Maggie) whenever Rob puts his hand on my belly the baby stops moving. Maybe it's another Daddy's girl!!

I have been craving anything sweet these days and maintain that while spring babies are great, it is frustrating being pregnant over Christmas and now, especially Valentine's Day! I wish I could re-wire my brain to crave carrots and celery instead of chocolate and peanut butter!!

Now that it is officially February we are going to start to get the nursery set up and transition Maggie to her "big girl" bed. I am sure I will have lots to blog about then but for now, just keep your fingers crossed! Since we have all gender neutral stuff from the first go around, baby two will have a green and brown elephant room too! It is nice that everything is in pretty good condition still and that we don't need to buy much in terms of baby gear!

Speaking of baby gear, we are still undecided about the double stroller situation. Thanks to Amanda we were able to find the new Baby Jogger City Select, which is a really cool stroller. We checked it out last weekend and while Rob is sold, I still think it is a little long. I am still thinking about the Bumbleride Indie Twin which Beth has spoken so highly of. We are going to test it out soon since I finally found a store that has one in stock!! Ok, if I forgot any pertinent baby info please let me know!

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kd said...

Ok, I like the second one! It looks so cool!

I can't wait to see what the new addition looks like!