Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 years in the making!

Last night Rob and I had our first night (together) away from Maggie! I know, I know-it has been almost 2 years but being so far from our family and Rob's work schedule has made overnight trips almost impossible! Last night however, our great friends Beth and Andrew watched Maggie so Rob and I could have a night on the town before we have two kids and never leave the house again (joking...I hope). We stayed at a hotel in DC and went to the top rated Indian Restaurant in the city for dinner. We have been wanting to try out Rasika forever and were happy to find the food worth the wait. We walked around DC, rode the Metro and felt like teenagers again! We got some breakfast at Eastern Market before returning to pick up Maggie this morning. According to Beth she had a great time and slept all night without any problems-whew! It was great to spend the time together as a couple but we both were happy to see her smiling face when we picked her up!

In other news, she is completely potty trained (during the day) and the transition to the toddler bed is complete! The first night was a little rough but since then we have had a few *perfect* nights and a few where she wakes up once and comes to get a snuggle from Mom or Dad but goes right back to bed. She loves her "big girl bed" which is extra special b/c it was made by her Papa (Rob's Dad) when the Crowe kids were little. I have some more projects to complete in her room but we are getting closer to being finished!

Maggie and I are headed to Florida on Tuesday to visit the Pantanos and are so looking forward to getting out of this snowy place! Keep your fingers crossed that it is not a full flight and they have an extra seat for her. Last chance to fly before her 2nd birthday!!

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Jenn B said...

That is so awesome! Glad ya'll got out. I am jealous of my friends that are close to family that get to go out for weekends. Sigh...2 years in the making here and still no time out. At least another year to go too.