Monday, March 22, 2010


1. GO STATE!! What a crazy game yesterday! Hoping we can pull out another win against Northern Iowa this week!

2. Spring has come to Virginia!! We had a beautiful (though busy) weekend and are so enjoying the warmer weather and pretty flowers. We got our new stroller and have been giving it lots of time outside. Maggie loves playing with chalk and we have been to the playground everyday.

3. The Crowe kids are growing and growing! Maggie finished up her gymnastics class this morning and did a great job! The teacher encouraged me to sign her up for dance class as soon as she turns 3. How fun will that be? The belly is getting bigger and bigger and #2 seems to be increasing in size everyday. Its hard to believe that my next appt will be the big 36 weeks! My due date is in 6 weeks and I am so looking forward to having Mom here for Easter to help me get everything ready for the debut of baby 2. Somewhat closer to choosing a name though we change our minds weekly :(

4. Happy (belated) Birthday to my dear Grandma Judge! How cool is it that she got an ipad for her 85th Birthday? You are awesome Grandma!! I love you!

Pictures are next!

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Steph said...

No, go Northern Iowa!!! It's my alma mater!! Glad to hear everyone is doing so well, I love seeing new pics of Maggie!