Friday, March 26, 2010

oh baby!

Happy spring! Or is it winter again? Since yesterday I think the temperature has dropped about 25 degrees! Things are good in the Crowe household besides a small trip to the hospital on Wednesday. I had a couple of contractions throughout the night and then a TON of braxton hicks throughout the morning. They asked me to come in to be monitored and sure enough they were coming every 5 minutes. Fortunately though we were not progressing in any other way and they gave me a shot to stop the contractions which worked like a charm! Since then things have been smooth sailing though I am on a somewhat restricted regime (less lifting of Maggie and no long walks-BOO). Mom is headed out next week for Easter and the timing could not be better! Hopefully we can get everything crossed off the list in time for baby's arrival (be it early or on time). I did check one thing off my list and got a new diaper bag-yay! I wasn't really sure what I wanted but it definately needed to be a. washable and b. big enough to hold the trimmings and trappings of 2 small children. I found this one at the PX and (since it had birds on it) could not turn it down. Happy Friday!

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Jenn B said...

That bag is super cute!