Sunday, August 29, 2010

Holy Cats!

I have been horrible at keeping up the blog this summer...or to be honost, maybe since Charlie's arrival! I remember when Maggie was his age and I would blog at least a few times a week!! Either way, we have been busy and enjoying the last few weeks of summer. A few happenings since we returned from Michigan:

1. Charlie had his 4 month appointment and weighed in at 13lbs 6oz and 24". Bigger than Maggie was at his age but still on the lower side of average.
2. We had a visit with a wonderful friend from Missouri! Maggie and Charlie were able to meet Cathy, who was so sweet to come see us while in DC.
3. Rob and I went to see Tony Bennett at Wolf Trap with some friends. It was a wonderful evening out and even better b/c Aunt Kate and Maddy were watching the kids! THANK YOU!!!
4. Maggie is almost back to being totally dry all day in underpants-whoo hoo! She is also a certified fish-swimming under water and leaping into the pool. Today she even started fishing toys off the bottom of the pool.

Looking forward to visits from Bridget and Megan in the next few weeks but trying to focus on just enjoying the everyday moments with my children. Beth recommended a wonderful book "The Gift of an Ordinary Day" which has been a reminder to me how precious this days are and how quickly they pass by. I highly urge my Mommy friends to pick up a copy (if you have time:)

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