Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Michigan was, as usual, WONDERFUL! I spent a total of 2+ weeks there with the kids and Rob joined us for the second week which we spent with his family on the west side of the state. Highlights from the trip include:

1. Arriving to the hotel in Toledo during a tornado and sitting in the bathroom with 2 kids and a dog

2. Caddie's 3rd Birthday party (carnival theme-VERY fun) and surprise visit from Bridget and Dad

3. Visit to Brighton to meet Miss Lilly

4. Potter Park Zoo and a pony ride

5. Visit with LJ, a trip to the MSU dairy store and feeding the ducks

6. Riding the horse at Meijers and other shopping excursions

7. Meeting up with an adorably pregnant Sara

8. Visit with Great Grandpa Martin

9. Charlie's party and quilt

Spring Lake
1. Spending time with Aunt Erin, Aunt Emma and "Aunt" Larry (and the rest of the family)

2. Coast Guard Fest! Boat tours, carnival, fire works, Pronto Pups
3. Visiting Brony and Heather and dinner at Pasche's (YUM)

4. Great Lakes Irish Music Fest and Irish Dancers!
5. Date night!!!
6. Maggie's first night camping and s'mores

7. Lake Michigan!

8. Charlie's first swim

We drove through the night to get back to VA and Rob did a great job. It is a million degrees outside and we miss the back yard at Nana and Papa's very much!! Maggie is a swimming machine and was leaping off the diving board (in her duck) before we knew it. Charlie is smiling all the time, giggling, and trying to eat his fingers off these days. Life with 2 kids is so busy but we are having too much fun!

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