Sunday, October 24, 2010

October/6 months old/ATM

Holy Cats its almost Halloween! I seriously do not know what I do all day but sometimes I am so busy I hardly remember to breathe! I really want to blog more often but between M and C, life seems to fly by! Recent updates on the minis:

Maggie is growing up way to fast. She is constantly surprising us with her language ability and has begin the exhausting "why" phase. A typical conversation at our house: What are those things in the air? Bats! Why? Because they have wings? Why? Because they have to fly around to get food? Why? Because they eat insects? Why do they eat insects? Because they are delicious! That's silly Daddy! Insects aren't delicious! They are to bats. Why? (it never ends!!). She is fully potty trained during the day and did an excellent job this morning at the Army Ten Miler (more about that later). She is trying my patience as a mother and teaching me to pick my battles now that she likes to choose her own clothes. Yesterdays outfit: clover green shirt, avocado green leggings, purple socks and black party shoes. Awesome. She is so much fun and keeps us cracking up all day long!
Charlie had a week-a serious week!! On Monday at his 6 month check up the Dr told me he is developing and growing well, but he is not gaining weight fast enough. He weighed 14.8 lbs and was 25.5 inches (heavier and longer than M was at 6 months). She advised me to push the solids and the bottle as much as possible. I wondered if she wanted to come over and try her luck, it is obviously not happening when I am around. I stressed about it for a few days and then just decided to chill out, let him lead with the solid food and continue to nurse on demand as usual. He did enjoy a french fry, some bacon, a bite of doughnut and a pretzel stick over the weekend. Maybe he just doesn't like slimy squishy baby food??? He is such a sweet little guy with smiles for everyone. He loves taking his naps and goes down so easily at night as well. We heart him!

The weekend was a great one with a visit from the Ag-nowskis (our great friends Jen and Dave from Germany). Jen and I even managed a trip downtown to meet up with her sister. Well, at least for the the hour before Rob called to tell me the kids would not go to bed and he needed back up. It was great spending time with them and we cant wait to see them again. Maybe in December...right Jen?? :)

Rob ran the Army 10 Miler today and it was awesome!! We all took Metro to the Pentagon (race start/finish) and hung around the Hooah zone while Rob ran the race. We even got to watch him finish, barely, thanks to our neighbor Michelle who spotted him while I was trying to get Charlie a toy. It was a beautiful day and we were proud of our runner. He finished with a better time than the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in 75 minutes!! Great Job!! Just think what he could do if he actually trained :)
Enjoy some recent pictures from the pumpkin tunnel!

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