Thursday, December 30, 2010


Exciting events in December included a birthday dinner with Andrew and Danielle, birthday weekend in Philly with Jen, Dave, Julie and Erin and Dave. We had great seats (apart from being surrounded by Navy fans) at the Army Navy game and had a super yummy dinner at Tequilas in Philadelphia. Maggie had a sleepover with Ellie and Charlie hung out with Aunt Erin. It was a great weekend!! We also had Rob's Company Christmas party which was great fun! The highlight was Santa's arrival in the Rescue Truck. My wonderful friends took me out for lunch at Restaurant Eve and we did a cookie exchange as well. I am sure I forgot something this month-it totally flew by!!
Daddy's Company Christmas Party.
The closest she has ever gotten to Santa with a smile on her face!!
Ready for the snow!!
Hanging out with Uncle Andrew

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