Monday, December 6, 2010

Good News!

Charlie decided to give me an early Christmas present this year. Guess what it is? No more dairy allergy!!! YAY!!! I am so excited to actually enjoy the food this Holiday season. He has also decided to skip baby food all together. He had his first taste of real food on Thanksgiving and has not turned around since. We pulled out the old baby food mill and have been giving the boy everything we eat these days. Mac and cheese, stromboli, roasted chicken, he loves it! Maggie is thrilled to see him progressing and cheers him on at meal times "you are finally eating baby-yay-good job charlie". So cute! December is upon us again and the calendar is packed already. We have, count them, 4 parties this week to keep us busy! We are also going with friends to check out the Grinch who Stole Christmas ICE extravaganza at the National Harbor. Last but certainly not least we are celebrating my birthday this year with lots of fun stuff!! Check back next week to see pictures. Happy St Nicholas Day!!

He looks so much like Rob!


ej236 said...

The kids are changing so much! So cute! And I LOVE Maggie's hair!! ADORABLE! Hope everything else is going well for you guys. Happy Birthday and we too are hoping for an Army win!

Brooklyn said...

did Maggie get a haircut? look at that little bob!

The Hennagans said...

Yay Charlie! I know you must be so excited! It's super cute that Maggie cheers him on! What a good big sister! They are both precious! :)

Jenny said...

Such a cute picture of the two of them!