Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spring Lake

The second week of our trip to Michigan brought us to Spring Lake. For those of you not familiar with our lovely state it is on the west side about 10 mintutes from Lake Michigan and the great summer city of Grand Haven. Grand Haven is also the home of the US Coast Guard Festival which coincided with our visit. We spent lots of quality time with Rob's parents and sisters Erin and Emma. We also go to meet Emma's new boyfriend who is very sweet! We got pronto pups (YUM) and enjoyed the festival sights, sounds and food. We saw alot of Rob's family too at the pool party/lunch on Friday. And as always we got to eat tons of delicious meals-thanks Nancy!!

Cooking with Nana!

I love Grandpa Crowe!

Mom and Dad took me to Fenians Pub for the Irish Music Session. It was great and I liked bouncing to the music!

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