Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Main Event

The highlight of our trip had to be the double baptism of Maggie and Caddie. We had a perfect day and a great turnout! The girls looked beautiful and at least one of them behaved. Can you guess which one? Maggie was a wiggly weasel the whole time but kept everyone smiling and laughing throughout. She was just having too much fun getting holy and didn't want to be quiet and still in church. As soon as the service ended and everyone clapped she got all smiley. Almost enough time for family photos!!!

Meeting Grandpa Martin for the first time!!

Babies and God-Parents with Father Mark at St Johns (where Brendan and I were both baptized as well!!)

The Judge-Martin Clan

Four Generations-Grandma Judge (Patricia), Mom (Margaret), me and Margaret Patricia!!

The quilt Mom put together for us. It is a tradition in our "village" to give each new baby a quilt with special sqaures made by each family. Caddie got a beautiful quilt too!

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kd said...

Maggie looked (looks!) so cute! I am glad you guys had a good time and the baptism went well.

I lovvve the metro mint! It is seriously so good!