Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well I finally caved and started Maggie on rice cereal before the suggested 6 month mark. However, this girl was ready for something new! The first night of cereal she was not that intersted but by day two she was eating like a champ. After a week I mixed in a little bit of peas which she gobbled right up. This week we started a morning meal as well with some bananas (which she will eat with the cereal but wants nothing to do with by themselves!). I am following the 4 day rule to check for allergies and am trying to think of new foods to introduce. Avacados and sweet potatoes have been mentioned. If any of you moms out there have any suggestions please let me know! We also ordered her a high chair and will report back on how feeding her NOT in the bumbo seat goes!!


The Houstons said...

Baby Food...hmmm...with Noah the most successful foods have been pears and peas! Avocados were a hit too. All of which were great on his digestive tract...because he seemed to be a lil constipated dude. I usually try to make all his food..its super easy...if you want help on that just ask. I'm entering a new phase for him in the eating world...he seems to really want what I eat! So, I think I will start giving him more "normal" they grow so fast!!!!

Beth Pritchard said...

We did about 2 weeks of just rice ceral and then 2-4 weeks (I can't remember!) of #1 foods (like gerber). Once she got those down I've moved on to #2 foods and am going to start making my own. I just found this website that really explains a lot of allergy foods and how to make/freeze your own. I'm just going to buy 1 sweet potato, 1 squash, 1 peach, etc. and make those up. And you can use frozen veggies/fruits...which is HUGE for me!
Another thing I'm going to buy is an electric food grinder so I can grind our dinners that don't have a ton of ingredients and give them to Joelle. She likes to feed herself now and if I don't have to buy/make her food then it makes my life so much easier.
Hope this helps, sorry it's long!
Miss you!