Sunday, October 26, 2008

Costumes and Curry

Wrapping up another great weekend...Rob got home late Friday night after taking the Professional Engineer Exam (an 8 hour test!) in Columbia. He has been studying for it for the past 2 months and we are so glad it is over! Saturday we spent the day watching Michigan State beat U of M which was excellent! Its been too long since we could say that. During the game I tried to make some candy spiders with nuts, caramel and chocolate but they did not turn out that well at all. They looked yummy but did not want to come off the tray! We put on costumes and spent the evening at the Dornstaders celebrating Drew's birthday. Maggie wore her skunk costume and won a prize for being the cutest baby there (she was the only baby there). Rob and I went as hippie hikers who happened to stumble upon a skunk. Today was an absolutely beautiful day outside and we took the jogger to the Engineer Trail for a walk. We finally found a store that sells our favorite curry and Rob made an excellent chicken Tikka Masala for dinner-Indian might be one of my favorite foods ever!! Looking forward to Halloween this week but we will miss the Pantanos as we always spend this holiday with them. A special Happy Birthday to Claire who will be 20 on Thursday!


kd said...

I love chicken tikka masala! Maybe we can have a curry party one day and get some naan and salak paneer! Indian is some of my fav!

Maggie was super adorable so of course she won! (Howie was extremely I found his gnawing on Drew's cartoon hands)

erin crowe said...

hippie hikers--haha! rob--i totally didn't get the joke over the phone!