Monday, October 6, 2008

Thanks KD!

Katie is my neighbor across the street. She is super sweet and has been a good friend here in Missouri. We enjoy making fun of silly politicians and hanging out on Saturdays when the guys are playing poker! She is a GREAT cook as well!

With this award you have to:
A. List 6 things you value/support and 6 things you don't.
B. Pass it along.

Things I value:
1. My family! They are the best and I miss them so much everyday.
2. My husband. Rob is the best guy I know and I am lucky to have him!
3. My daughter. Being a mother is the hardest and best thing I have ever done and I love every minute of it.
4. My Friends all over the world
5. Service-Get Involved!
6. My Education.

Things I don't:
1. Fox News
2. Religious Extremism
3. Judgemental People
4. Cynicism and Negativity
5. People who choose not to be involved and then complain all the time about how bad things are.
6. Excessive wealth

I nominate Beth. She lives in Alaska now and we really miss her and her family!

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Beth Pritchard said...

Neato! Ok, I'll keep it going! Thanks Erin :-)