Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Today Maggie and I and Rachel and Caroline went to the pumpkin patch in Dixon with the Parents as Teachers group. It was a little chilly but turned out to be a beautiful fall day! We had a good time but I had a little lesson on "expectations". I know not every pumpkin patch is a Halloween dream but it was a VERY far cry from Uncle Johns Cider Mill (you Lansing people know what I am talking about!). We had to pay $2 to even look at the pumpkins! The hayride was fun but where was the apple cider and warm homemade doughnuts? Just another case of "don't expect much in Missouri". It was like the Apple Festival all over again!! Maggie did get a chance to try out her new silver booties though. An old lady in Cracker Barrel even told me she liked my babies "bling" shoes. Really!!?? Holla!

Hayride with Caroline and Maggie (note the sweet silver shoes)

How did these girls get so big???

lil pumpkin!!

Amanda (our PAT friend) with Maggie and Rachel with Caroline


kd said...

How cute! I love her little outfit! And her rockstar shoes!

(And seriously $2 to look at pumpkins?!?!)

Beth Pritchard said...

Oh my gosh, love the shoes! And it's good to see pics of Amanda and Rachel.

megven said...

I KNOW what you mean about Uncle Johns! I have been craving some hot apple cider and doughnuts so bad. They don't even have Pumpkin patches at all here-its too warm!! It is one thing I miss about fall in the north :-( PS-I think Beckie wants to come to MI for the Coast Guard Fest next summer-Howard and Deb invited us, so I'll be there too-maybe Kris can come as well!!