Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Official!

We are moving to Virginia! Fort Belvoir to be exact, just outside of Washington DC. Rob got orders last week and the wheels are in motion for our move. We are SO excited to be moving back to the East Coast and closer to family and friends. Rob is going to look for houses this weekend and I really hope he can nail something down. It would make the move much less stressful for everyone I think. In other news I tried to trim the back of Maggie's hair to make it more even but it did not work out so well. She has an appointment to see Kimberlee tomorrow. Have you ever known a 9 month old who needed a haircut? OK, maybe if I had not gotten out the scissors...but still it was getting pretty long in sections. I would post a picture but Rob took the camera so we will have pictures of our maybe new house. She has her 9 month check up this morning and I am curious to see how big she is these days. Have a great Thursday and watch out for the slippery ice!

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