Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Snowing!

We woke up this morning to snow! I took Maggie out to the common area behind our house and met some of the neighborhood Moms and a ton of kiddos! We are still unpacking but are almost done. Just have to hang some stuff on the walls and finish organizing some closets. I am so excited to have more space and Maggie's playroom is AWESOME! I was reading a book last night on Montessori practices for infants and found it very interesting. Although I am a little sceptical about a 15 month old who can peel a carrot and by 18 months old chop it up, I am definitely motivated to start letting Maggie do a little more on her own. We gave her a cup without a lid this morning at breakfast. She did try to take a sip but got a little frustrated and threw it on the floor (I guess she does have a bit of me in her...). Off to make a list for Rob so we can avoid the rush if this storm gets bad.


Jenn said...

wow, I am so jealous! I have only unpacked one box. But it doesn't help that John isn't here, but still. And I haven't met anyone yet. It's too "cold" here and it seems everyone is hibernating. Glad it is going so well for ya'll!

Bridget said...

erin I made a blog. I can't remember the URL. I'll find it.

Bridget said...