Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, we made it! Thanks to Megan and a few stops along the way we completed our trip without too much trouble. We were able to spend some time with Emma and Larry in Indy and they were very helpful with Lucy and our trip to the Urgent Care for Maggie's first ear infection (boo!!). We also stopped in Cincinnati and were very well taken care of by Mary and the girls. Still looking to get settled but are comfortably situated in the nicest pet accommodations thus far in the Army. Even the smallest things here amaze us (restaurant choices, wine selection at the Class 6, shopping opportunities, MWR offerings). I guess we have been out of the real world for awhile. While we are not going to take the baby downtown tomorrow we are anxiously awaiting watching the historic inauguration on TV. Here's to a great day in America!!


Getter's said...

Glad you had fun along the way!! I hope Maggie is feeling better.

Beth Pritchard said...

So good to hear you made it to VA safe and sound. I'm sorry to hear about Maggie's ear infection. Yuck! Hope she's feeling better.

kd said...

Glad you made it safe and sound. Hope M feels better soon!
Happy inauguration day!


welcome to the east coast ... i'm here till september so let's be sure to make something happen!

barry martin said...


I think Erin is talking in secret code regarding the amenities in the D.C. area. I am reading, "...Rob should take the credit cards and lock them in the safe box now that Iam out of the mall wilderness!" I think I see Maggie pointing to the "Toys R Us" location... isn't that right Maggie sweetie?!