Monday, February 9, 2009


First of all my apologies for not updating more regularly. I don't feel much busier than I was in Missouri but my baby is way more active and I only get time to update when she is sleeping!

I feel pretty settled at this point and now am just trying to get involved without over-committing myself. We found a nice church and have attended the past 2 weeks. They also have a weekly Moms group that I am participating in. I am planning to check out the local Moms Club as well at their monthly meeting. Both groups host playgroups and I need to decide which one to participate in. It is strange to be participating to so many civilian organizations but I guess that is normal here!

We have had some great weather and spent some time over the weekend walking around the neighborhood and the George Washington Parkway. I am so excited to be a short drive from beautiful parks and trails.

Maggie is doing really well and seems to have made the adjustment to the new house. She had some trouble sleeping at first but we seem to have settled (somewhat) into a new routine. We hosted friends for dinner on Thursday (a military friend from Germany) and Saturday (a couple we know from High School/College) and it was great to have company at the new house. We are so looking forward to a visit from my mom and sister this weekend. YEAH!!

Here are a few recent pictures of our tiny troublemaker.

One of my favorite expressions

I match my baby when I wear my tracksuit!

Stealing kisses from Lucy

Walking with some help!


kd said...

So cute! Glad you all are finding your niche in VA :)

ej236 said...

Her new expression is absolutely adorable! Give her a big hug and kiss for me...we miss you guys!

Rachel said...

that sweet baby is getting too big! she looks like you with that new little face of hers. i love it!

Beth Pritchard said...

Maggie is looking so big! Her birthday is going to be here before you know it!