Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Presidents Day Weekend

I think Presidents Day is one of the best 4 days of the year. Because the weather is generally poor there is no pressure to do something amazing with your long days of freedom and we usually end up having a great time! Fun things always happen like in 2001 when Rob surprised me at MSU for the weekend or in 2003 when we were caught in a HUGE blizzard on the East Coast.

On Saturday we met up with Mom and Bridget and our friends from Michigan downtown. We had lunch at the Reagan Building and played at the Building Museum. Rob grilled his signature surf and turf for Valentines dinner and we topped it off with strawberry shortcake with heart shaped strawberries while watching the movie Chocolate. Rob and I had our date night the following evening while Mom watched Maggie.

It was fun to spend time with them and Mom helped me take care of some of the small house stuff I had not finished. Thanks Mom-the curtains in the kitchen are all done and look so much better!!

Maggie is growing like a weed and is way more verbal every week. She says Ma Ma all the time and Da Da whenever Rob is around. She is the best little eater and is still surprising us with everything she will try. Her current favorite is blueberries! She is standing up without holding on to anything but is still a little too timid to try walking by herself. She will walk holding on to me with one hand though. Sally will be interested to know that she is obsessed with the Girls Next Door Kendra bobble head doll and has broken her off the stand at least 3 times while dragging her around the office.

Here are the weekly photos-enjoy


Maggie and her new friend Fiona

Rob and Chris made an arch at the Building Museum

Puzzles with Fiona

I love sunglasses!


kd said...

Ok, can you please get a pic of her with the Kendra bobble head? I am dying to see!

You guys look great! xoxo

Getter's said...

Wow, almost walking!!! Today Savannah was talking about how Maggie is almost a big one year old. :)