Thursday, February 19, 2009


Ahh, our old house. I never thought I would say it but...I miss Fort Leonard Wood. Not everything about it mind you but a lot of stuff that I took for granted while I was there. Mostly I miss all my friends and living in a place where there were so many of Rob's peers and their wives and babies. I think Rob might be the only Captain at Fort Belvoir. Ok, not entirely true but it sure feels that way. I have tried a few activities on post but feel I am connecting more with the ladies at our church Moms group and the local Moms club. I am going to try a few more on post once I get Maggie registered with CYS-cross your fingers for me!

Things I miss about Missouri:
1. Kappa Kappa Delafield/ Lunch Group
2. A Commissary that is not insanely busy all of the time
3. Maggie's playgroup (the one they are starting here is for 85 kids-WAY too many!!)
4. Awesome neighbors
5. The hospital (the clinic here is way small and crowded!). Can I come back to FLW to have another baby?? Although Maggie is seeing a Pediatrician and the Dr I saw today was super nice.
6. Inclusive social organizations
7. Our driveway, backyard and outdoor storage

Things I love about Virginia:
1. Proximity to civilization and DC
2. Shopping!!
3. 4 toilets in our house
4. Friends from High School, College and Germany
5. Frequent visits from family on the East Coast
6. Our new church
7. WAMU and the Washington Post
I felt the same way about Germany when we moved to FLW (I still love Germany more though) and am sure I will feel the same way about Belvoir when we PCS again. C'est la vie!


ej236 said...

Doesn't it seem so crazy to think that the hospital at FLW was good?!! (I mean with getting appts and such). That's not good that your new one is worse. I miss Kappa Kappa Delafield as well!

kd said...

The new #38 occupants make me miss you more! I think Drew scared them and now they avoid us.

Plus they don't have a Maggie! Or a Rob, an Erin or a Lucy. Boo.

Although, I can't blame you on the 4 toilets thing. Sounds dreamy!

Rachel said...

Fort Leonard Wood misses you too... or at least I do! Its not the same here without you guys!

Getter's said...

I second KD's comment on the new occupants. It's funny when I drive by I still look for "The Crows"! When we move from FLW, the thing I will miss is our fun Friday nights! ;)


erin crowe said...

aww, hang in there, babes. setting up life in a new place is hard!! that's not news to you, i know. but you can do it! before you know it, you'll be so busy that you'll be turning away activities!! see you soon. xoxo