Monday, March 16, 2009

Chicken Pox

On Friday I noticed Maggie had a slight fever and was pretty sleepy. At first I just assumed it was more teeth and gave her some icies to chew on and a few extra snuggles. By the time Rob got home from work I was convinced otherwise. She had a couple of spots on her face and tummy. I thought I might be imagining it but Rob confirmed my suspicion. I called the hospital to see if we needed to bring her in and the Doctor on call basically told me that it was impossible for her to have the chicken pox. I calmly told him that she had been vaccinated in the past month and that the immunization clinic sent us home with a form saying it was unlikely but possible to develop a mild case of the pox from the vaccine. Again he said he did not understand how she could have it...thank you Dr! By Saturday morning there were more spots! She is a little more fussy than usual and her appetite has decreased a lot but other than that she seems to be feeling ok.

On Saturday morning I went to Maryland with my new friend Tracie to a Tot Swap and out for lunch. It was nice to get out for a few hours, especially knowing we would be confined to the house for a least a week. I was even signed up for AFTB but will have to postpone.

This is just another one of those times that I remember what Sally always said. Always trust your instinct as a parent-even if the Dr's tell you that you are crazy! Mommy knows best!

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Steph said...

She should be super immune to chicken pox now!