Monday, March 2, 2009

DC with Aunt Erin (Part 1 of 3 of the weekend in review)

I'm not really sure why but when I write a new post it only lets me add 5 photos at a time. So, this post will be a series of sorts! First of all a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Margaret Patricia and Dr. Seuss! More on that in a minute. Aunt Erin came down from Philly this weekend to celebrate Maggie's birthday a little early. We met her downtown and took Maggie to the Aquarium in DC. We heard it isn't as great as the one in Baltimore but for her first time it was perfect! Not too big or expensive and just enough for her to see without getting crabby. She especially liked the bright colored fish and the alligator. The sea turtle was also so cool!

Lunch Downtown

Looking for friends


The sea turtle was so neat

Awww...the turtle then slapped the fish with his arm!

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